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installation design / fabrication / urban design / urban intervention / site design

Location / Manhattan, NY

Client / Sukkah City

Status / Completed

Collaborators / Vishwadeep Deo

Bamboo Dunes seeks to address the dual context of a sukkah’s historical origin; on the one hand it is a temporary structure that celebrates nature’s bounty during Sukkot and on the other it is a place of refuge from the unrelenting tests of nature during the Exodus. The form addresses this duality of its origin and is inspired by both the perpetuity of fleeting desert dunes and bountiful volume of hay bales lying in a freshly harvested field.

The form’s subtle dialogue between the outside and inside reminds us of the fragility of our existence as well as the blessing of this shelter. It calls on us to appreciate and engage with the vastness of nature from within the minimal yet critical shelters of the sukkah’s constructed environment. The structure is an assembly of prefabricated plywood boxes which is layered with an outer skin of bamboo.

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