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community outreach / master plan / revitalization / urban design / zoning / interactive digital platforms / brownfield opportunity area plan

/ site design

Location / Upper Manhattan, NY


Status / Ongoing

Project WebsiteBradhurstBOA

Collaborators / AKRF / PHA / eDD / VJA

MUD Workshop is currently leading the development of the Urban Design and Planning Framework to guide public realm improvement, public waterfront access, infill development and traffic and transportation improvements for the Bradhurst neighborhood in Upper Manhattan. The project will build on the previous brownfield opportunity area (BOA) studies, and the revitalization efforts of the past few decades that have transformed key nodes in this neighborhood into safe, vibrant and active places attracting new population to the area.

Key project goals include balancing growth with needs of current population, particularly in relation to employment and job-training opportunities, and connectivity within the neighborhood, to Harlem River, and to the regional network of open spaces. In addition, the urban design and planning framework will identify sites for development, and create preliminary development programs and site / architectural schemes based on community feedback, stakeholder partnerships and market conditions.

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