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community and stakeholder engagement / interactive digital platform

Location / Mount Kisco, NY

Client / Village of Mount Kisco

Status / Completed

Project Website / Envision Mount Kisco

Awards / Honored for Community Engagement at Westchester Municipal Planning Federation Awards 2019

Collaborators / BFJ Planning / Urbanomics / JMC Site Development Consultants / BartonPartners

MUD Workshop supported BFJ Planning on Envision Mount Kisco: A Comprehensive Plan Update for the Village of Mount Kisco. The Comprehensive Plan process provided an assessment of current demographic conditions, downtown, housing needs, local economy, infrastructure, environmental resources, market conditions and a community vision for the future of the Village and development of the Downtown Moger Lots. The community vision was driven by a robust community and stakeholder engagement plan that shaped recommendations throughout the planning process.

In addition to traditional face to face design charrettes, town hall hearings and focus groups, the community outreach process also involved an interactive digital platform which expanded the reach and opportunity for input by all sections of the community. During the course of the plan development, around 350 individual responses informed the plan vision, goals, and the Form Based Code Overlay in the Downtown and Train Station area. The community engagement process was honored at the Westchester Municipal Planning  Federation Awards 2019.

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