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community outreach / waterfront planning / master plan / revitalization / community programming / open space design / green infrastructure

Location / The Bronx, NY

Client / NYC Economic Development Corporation

Status / Completed

Role / Project Manager and Designer

Located at doorstep of key retail areas and major cultural and educational institutes, Fordham Plaza is a partial bridge structure over Metro-North railroad tracks and home to Fordham Station – the fourth busiest in the Metro-North system. This in combination with its adjacency to Fordham Road, which has one of the highest pedestrian volumes in the City, uniquely positions Fordham Plaza to evolve into a vibrant and active public space – a new “Heart of the Bronx” that’ll continue to attract merchants, artists and educators for years to come.


However, existing operations and operational challenges in the current plaza layout and design, restrict it from reaching its full potential as a transit hub and center for community and trade. Numerous interviews, stakeholder meetings, public charrettes and survey research that addressed these challenges informed the guiding principles to transform Fordham Plaza into an iconic destination.

The resultant conceptual plan offers benefits in terms of placemaking and neighborhood identity; improved traffic, transit and operational efficiencies; and increased opportunities for events and concessions on the Plaza that complement and financially support programming and maintenance at Fordham Plaza. This plan is aligned with many of the goals and initiatives of PlaNYC 2030, particularly as it relates to land use, public space, and improvements to transit service and traffic flow.

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