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master plan / revitalization / urban design / site design / site plan / open space plan

Location / Rochester, NY

Client / City of Rochester

Status / Completed

Collaborators / Urban Matrix / EDAW

The Midtown Mall in downtown Rochester, New York was demolished in 2008, effectively opening up the entire center of the City and creating an opportunity to reconnect the previously disparate districts of the downtown. At the epicenter of downtown Rochester, this site provided a unique opportunity to redefine the center of the City. As part of a team of engineers, planners, and economists, Shachi Pandey of MUD Workshop developed the urban design framework and master plan configured around several public open spaces which create new destinations and direct access to the rest of the downtown. The urban design framework establishes the road layout, sizes of the individual development parcels, configuration of public open spaces, development program and building massing.

Due to the increased density of the proposed development, the project will trigger a rethinking of parking strategies, use of public transportation, high-density residential development, and the future pedestrian networks. The master plan provides recommendations for accommodating this increased density by reconfiguring the site to accommodate new office, retail, residential and hotel uses and the reuse of the existing underground garage and service tunnels, the possible retention of historical elements of the existing mall, and pedestrian movement in and throughout the study area.

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