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stakeholder engagement / visioning / revitalization

Location / Brooklyn, NY

Client / NYC Economic Development Corporation

Status / Completed

Collaborators / EDAW / HR&A

The Sunset Park Vision Plan was commissioned by the NYC Economic Development Corporation to develop a comprehensive strategy for the Sunset Park industrial district and in particular the City-owned and managed industrial properties along this Brooklyn waterfront. Shachi Pandey of MUD Workshop worked with a team of urban designers and economists to develop a vision that outlines a strategy for a contemporary industrial waterfront that is an environmentally sustainable resource. This vision is supported by a combination of improved freight transportation systems, buildings that can be adapted to accommodate a range of industrial uses, and policies which promote environmentally-friendly and efficient practices. The recommendations address the need to make the waterfront a safe environment and resource for industry workers and adjacent area residents alike and ensure that they can coexist.

Four goals to maximize efficient goods movement, grow industrial employment, promote green practices and balance neighborhood needs, were developed through a series of outreach meetings and engagement with stakeholders, business owners, community groups and leaders. These goals guide the recommendation in the vision plan, which include goods transportation and building infrastructure upgrades, creation of workforce development opportunities, integrated public open space and amenities, sustainable industrial development guidelines, opportunities for creating for waste-to-profit exchange networks, and measures for advancing district-wide environmental efficiency.

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